149: Towards An Equitable Distribution Of Knowledge And Brain Activity

Throughout history humanity has strived to increase the limits of knowledge. Many individuals across the span of time have shared the belief that their problems could be solved with creative thinking and increased knowledge. This attitude has created many positive results, but it is time to come to grips with the fact that this type of thinking is outdated and obsolete.

Human knowledge does not grow at a rate fast enough to solve all of our problems. And, while the scope of human knowledge could solve many problems facing the world, the sad truth is that this knowledge is inadequately distributed.  A better way to face our problems is not to grow the base of human knowledge, but to share it in a more equitable way.

It is unconscionable that some individuals know more things than other individuals. A thorough survey should be conducted annually to determine who has acquired knowledge over the preceding year. Any individual whose share of knowledge falls above the mean average should give up their extra knowledge, so that they possess no more than the base mean amount of knowledge. The knowledge that these individuals give up will be distributed equitably among individuals who posses a level of knowledge below the base mean.

At the end of this period of sharing every individual should possess exactly the same amount of knowledge. While over the course of the ensuing year some individuals will undoubtedly acquire greater amounts of knowledge than others due to intellectual transactions there will be no opportunities for individuals to stockpile gross amounts of knowledge through excessive and longstanding hoarding.

This even spread of knowledge will ensure that every individual on the planet is just as well suited to face the problems of every day existence as his or her neighbor. Parity of input will ensure that there is no disparity of outcome.

If we want to move forward, towards a more fair and equitable society, we must ration all thought.

10 thoughts on “149: Towards An Equitable Distribution Of Knowledge And Brain Activity

  1. Yeah, but what about those really dumb people, as thick as planks, who write dumb blogs? I hope in your plan you intend to do away with them otherwise they’ll lower the world average IQ.

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