Shoutout To My Little Sis

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis will recognize a portion of this picture.19511577_10155115527837550_3180856188215995817_nAlthough my face is disguised and totally unrecognizable, I would like to give a shoutout to my adorable little sister.

The other day my sister came over after school and asked how she could find my blog.

Nothing is more boring than when bloggers talk about their stats, but I still like to look at them. The next day I was surprised to see I had 415 views. That’s more than I normally get. My Sister had decided to read every single post I have ever written, and had shown a bunch of them to her classmates at school.

I’m probably an egomaniac or something, but it genuinely means something to have other people appreciate the work you put into something. Family can be frustrating sometimes. But this gesture of support genuinely warms my heart.

I’m blessed every day by the people who appreciate what I write and share their appreciation.

Thank you to my little sister, and everyone who, for one reason or another, reads the inane babble that comes out of my head.

See you all tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Shoutout To My Little Sis

  1. A lovely genuine appreciation of your sister. Being of a nosy disposition I fell in love with your wood-burner stove. And possibly the aloe vera on the top shelf of the bookcase needs a water. But anyway – the world is full of lovely people and it’s good to read about some of them!

    • Indeed it is! Thank you. This picture was taken at my Mom’s place. She has since past on after battling with cancer for many years. I can’t take claim for either the stove or the plant, but I do love to burn things.

  2. Awww, that’s so cute.
    I sent an anthology with one of my stories (and a link to my blog) in it to my sibling in another country. Since then, I noticed an increase in the number of views from that country. Is it because of them or a coincidence I shall never know.

  3. This is a really sweet post and I love the photo. It is genuinely heartwarming. I’m sorry that I’m a creepy deranged individual who read this and thought ‘Im going to do that too!!!’ And I have now read and commented on everyone of your posts. I expect the restraining order in the mail.

  4. By the way bro, I have read all of your posts. However I will not comment on all of them. I think you already know I enjoyed every minute of the reading! I also think you’re adorable for posting that.

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