118: Eater Of Worlds

Every morning Mike ate Worlds. In his defense, he loved the taste. He also loved the texture.

Before you judge Mike too harshly you should be aware that he was not the only planet on the planet of Alponite who ate Worlds. In fact, almost every Alponite child began their day with a giant bowl of Worlds.

The kids loved to eat Worlds.

Many years earlier an enterprising Alponite businessman had booked a flight aboard a C3-34B flying saucer and visited the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. While exploring earth he happened to eat a bowl of shredded wheat, and was fascinated by its unique taste and texture.

Upon his return to Alponite the businessman worked arduously to recreate the cereal he had tasted on his trip to earth. When he was satisfied with the result he incorporated the Worlds Cereal Company in commemoration of the intergalactic travel that had caused him to be exposed to the wonderful cereal.

Now all of the children on Alponite eat Worlds, although many adults still eat bacon and eggs.


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4 thoughts on “118: Eater Of Worlds

  1. Clearly he thought the world of shredded wheat. I have rolled oats and bacon and eggs, and also breakfast sausages and hash browns and toast. Then I have breakfast.

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