115: Drive Through Coffee

What better way to get your morning caffeine fix than with drive through coffee?

Sure, you can drink a cup of Joe at home, or pick up a latte at your local coffee shop, but nothing beats the convenience and ease of drive through coffee. No need to even step out of your car. Just drive it through the cascade of coffee which pours over the road.

This method reliably introduces caffeine to your blood stream at a speed and volume similar to drinking a morning cup of coffee. If you desire to modulate your caffeine intake simply adjust the speed at which you drive through the coffee.

Drive through coffee is a much better proposition than drive through hamburgers, which can get quite sticky and leave an unpleasant residue on your car. Taco’s are less solid, but drive throughs are still not an optimal way to consume them, although trucks made entirely out of tacos are a legitimate option.

Some hipsters eschew drive through coffee in favor of gnawing at enormous bars of solidified coffee. This is a poor way to get your daily caffeine intake. Not only is it unsanitary to have so many people gnawing on the same bar of coffee, but it lacks the convenience of simply driving through showers of coffee on your way to work.

If you’re looking to change up your morning routine try drive through coffee. It’s a fast, easy and effective way to get your morning caffeine fix.

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

8 thoughts on “115: Drive Through Coffee

  1. i think it was San Francisco, where a guy was giving out free coffee out his window. Wished I lived there. I’d be there every single day (and hour).

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