61: What To Do In The 20s

I’m excited for the twenties. I’m excited to stretch myself, to become better and to achieve more. In many ways 2019 was a difficult year, but I have realized how much I have shortchanged myself and how little of my potential I am living up to.

Here’s what I plan to do differently in the grand scheme of things over the coming decade:

  • Play the long game. Too often I have relied on short bursts of creativity to fuel my accomplishments, but I am coming to understand the value of putting in small amounts of work every day to reach your goals.
  • Take the opportunities I have. When I lived in the Twin Cities I could afford to pass up opportunities that came my way. Now that I live in a small town that’s no longer an option. If you don’t take an opportunity out there just aren’t many more to choose from.
  • Try to move forward every day.

Here are a couple smaller goals I plan to work on. I expect this list to grow and change quite a bit.

  • Use my mind to make the music that doesn’t suck.
  • Become a better listener.
  • Eat food that doesn’t make me feel gross.
  • Do work that doesn’t destroy my back.
  • Don’t be boring.
  • Feed my mind.
  • Dance.

That’s the big and simple for the 2020s.

It’s kind of a serious thing.

I’ll write something stupid about food tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “61: What To Do In The 20s

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