35: Anna, Elsa – I Don’t Even Know a Harriet!

30 day blogging challenge starting now.

Well, technically I started it on Saturday, but something very important came up last night, so I’m starting over.

Oh, you doubt me? You don’t think I had someplace important to be on a Monday night?


I went to the movies and watched Frozen II with my wife.

So there!

I also went to the movies on Sunday and watched the biopic on Harriet Tubman that is gracing the screens. Tubman is possibly the closest thing to a real life superhero to ever walk the planet.

A hero quest is basically the story of someone overcoming obstacles and doing great things. It strikes me that a pre-civil war black American woman who was born a slave and suffered an at times debilitating brain injury had a lot of shit to overcome. Maybe even more than a white chick born to royalty who shoots ice out of her fingers.

Not to diss Frozen, but it’s sad to me that practically every little girl in America knows who Anna and Elsa are, but you’d be hard pressed to find one who has a clue who Harriet Tubman was.

(End Scene)

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