Charity Helps Kids Learn Fundraising Techniques

New York City: The International Institute for Charitable Kids is celebrating it’s 37th year of teaching American children successful fundraising techniques. Although the group has faced occasional controversy over the years it is now considered by many charities to be a role model of consistency on the ever changing scene of American non-profits.

A standby of many similarly themed charities is to promise to make the world a better place through some sort of action, such as drilling wells in Africa or fighting malaria, but IICK bypasses such promises presents a much more direct charitable model.

“Our one and only aim is to teach children how to raise money, we promise nothing more, we deliver nothing more.” Says Harold Thurg, Vice-President of operations as he looks out over Manhattan from his Fifth-Avenue penthouse. “Sure some people are still interested in a more traditional model of charity, but no ones forcing them to donate. And actually we do a lot of good.”

Theres’s no way to say for sure how much IICK’s training has helped humanitarian causes, but Thurg points out a marked increase in other charitable groups contribution in school districts where IICK is active. He believes that many African children lead malaria free lives because of his endeavors.

He similarly scoffs at those who attack his lavish lifestyle. “People buy girl scouts cookies because they like cookies and the girls are cute. People donate to my charity because I like living in a penthouse on fifth avenue. There’s not much difference.”

Whether or not this assertion rings true IICK is sure to be a noticeable and intriguing feature in the landscape of American non-profits for many years to come.


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