Researchers Discover Creativity is Doing What You’re Told

Shrestha International Laboratories: Researchers here have reached a major breakthrough in their quest to uncover the secrets of the creative mind that may open up creative possibilities for thousands.

“The assumption has always been that creativity has something to do with using you’re imagination.” Says Anmol Shrestha, Shrestha International’s founder and CEO. “But what we have uncovered here flies straight in the face of that notion.” Researchers have discovered that people who are generally seen as creative are actually just following trends set by corporations and profit seeking entities.

While previously behaviors like this have been subject to scrutiny and often been seen as disengenious researchers argue that trend following may actually be the best form of creativity. “These profit seeking entities often have the most creative and smartest people working for them.” Say Brad Ferguson, a researcher at Shrestha. “People who try to do creativity on their own often get bogged down with bad ideas and the unecessary fallout of untested creativity. Allowing corporate entities to dictate creativity helps ensure quality creativity by having it tested in the public marketplace.”

Ferguson notes that people who come up with their own creative ideas often create difficult and awkward social situations for themselves and the people they interact with as a result low-quality creative ideas; a scenario seldom encountered by those who prefer market tested and corporately sponsored creativity.

The finding seem to bode well for the American consumer based society, Shrestha points out. “Who would have thought that creativity and buying products that vendors and corporations want you to buy would be the same thing?” He asks, “If we really look at the results here I think we have to conclude that American culture may be one of the most creative cultures in history, and that’s a pretty fantastic thing.”


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