German Town Distruaght Over Midievel Concussion Revalations

Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber: Germany, Local mental health expert Gunther Oppensmerer calls the finding “startling, earth-shattering, unbelievable.” Many in this quaint German village with strong roots in the middle ages are similarly upset over evidenced unearthed recently that seems to show that local authorities were not forthright with medieval knights about the concussion risks inherent in their occupation.

“Basically you stick these guys eight feet up in the air on a horse and you put them in a metal helmet with totally inadequate padding and you try to claim that you are protecting them somehow.” Said Werner Gulsoff, an expert on medieval brain damage from the University of Rural German Affairs. “And We’re not even talking about the fact their main job had to do with thrusting blunt metal objects at opposing horsemen.”

Gulsoff recent studies show that as many as %67 of medieval knights may have suffered some form of brain damage. An issue which may have lead to a long range of atrocities.

Gulsoff’s colleague, Albrecht Fuchs, an Historian at the university believes that as much as %37 of the atrocities committed during the crusades were the result of brain damage. “There’s no concussion protocol or anything.” Says Fuchs, “They can fall of a horse or get hit in the head and you just send them right out there again. No one’s even warning them that there might be a danger.”

For years locals have been haunted by the idea that their ancestors, medieval knights, pillaged and raped the nearby town of Eisenach in 1131. “But when you consider the fact these people had brain damage it’s really not so bad.” Says Fuchs. “They probably did not really have a clear idea of what they were doing.”

Instead of feeling bad over the acts of their ancestors experts recommend that inhabitants turn their attention to humiliating the local Adlersflugel clan. A family which held much sway in the middle ages and seems to be a good scapegoat on which to pin the crimes of the crusades.


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