When God Made the World

“And God saw that is was good.” -Genesis 1:25

I’ve thought about that lately. I remember the first time I felt like I was close to understanding this. I had been working on a project and after I finished it I stepped back and looked at it and got this swelling feeling in my chest because I saw it was good. A part of me feels like this is the only legitimate reason to make art; to understand and experience a part of the pleasure at creating the world and maybe in so doing to draw closer to our creator. 

I thought about this a couple times this past week. One was when I was working on a project that I thoroughly enjoyed and that was also providing a sizable amount of my monthly income. There are a lot of things that are scary about using art to pay the bills, probably the most obvious being that you don’t really know if the bills are going to get paid. But realistically with the way things are going right now I think I’ll be able to survive just fine as a working artist in the near future. Which leads to other scary things, like why am I doing this and what’s the point? It’s easy for an atheist to be a successful artist because a lot of them honestly believe that their art is the only thing that can save the world. I ain’t saving the world. 

The second event that brought this to mind was at a late night open mic. A comedian was talking about how he didn’t believe in God anymore and had changed as a person. I have a lot of friends in that place, people who have walked away from the faith and are often times ready to strike out against it. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had, and still have, my struggles. But I hope I can see the world and know the God who wanted it to be good.  And maybe to make good things too. I could never achieve anything higher than this. 


2 thoughts on “When God Made the World

  1. “What’s the point?” is one of the biggest and scariest questions as a Christian artist. How does one make a profound statement without becoming a variation of Facing the Giants?

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