Ritz Crackers

So I’ve been watching Mad Men over the last couple weeks. It’s a hit TV show about marketing and marketing executives in the 1960s. It’s really deep and heady and you shouldn’t watch it unless you’re really into the post-war era and how the world works and stuff. As it happens I kind of am, and I actually have a bit of an obsession with post war advertising, so it goes well with my interests. I was watching last night and I came across this one scene where the main character is standing in front of his refrigerator and there’s a box of Ritz Crackers on it. The same kind of Ritz crackers I ate when I was a kid, and still eat sometimes. Ritz crackers with cheese are a fine thing, there so much softer than any other type of cracker. In the 1960s Ritz crackers were an exciting space age food of the future. But they are still sold in the same box that they were sold in at that time. Somehow Ritz crackers have made the leap from being a modern food to a tradition and a staple of generations. This is the definition of brilliance.  


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