Fortune Cookies.

You know what doesn’t make any sense? Fortune cookies. I go out and eat a good tasty meal, and then however much I liked it, it has to finish with this “cookie” that’s more like a mixture of sawdust and glue. Why eat it? because it has a piece of paper in it that says something like, “New Experiences are to be expected” Well jeez, never would have guessed.  But at least I know what’s around the corner, so I’m not complaining. The only universal religion we can agree on this day is the fact that the fortune cookies are correct, and have some sort of connection with the supernatural. So I guess fortune cookies are pretty much what’s keeping our world together. Can’t complain about that. 


4 thoughts on “Fortune Cookies.

  1. I didn’t know sawdust tastes that good. Instead of wasting trash space, I’ll have to eat some next time. Thanks for your insight.

    Just an aside I was thinking about…we need to ordain fortune cookie ministers to spread the truth because most people these days eat the cookie after reading the fortune, thus they’ve got it all wrong. What if everyone did it the right way? What would happen? It overwhelms to try to imagine what would take place.

      • Not if the former weaker people read a fortune which says something along the lines of “you will take over the world”..The fortune cookies themselves would compensate with the imbalance.

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